UHC Medicare UCard OTC Credits

Has anyone used this to purchase eligible items on or in store at Walmart, CVS etc?


I have $75 to spend on my Ucard which is this years version of 'healthy benefits' which worked great a couple of years ago once they got the wrinkles ironed out. 


I go to and choose some refresh


eye drops (which are also sold through the UHC catalog at a higher price and Nature's Bounty B vitamins both of which are sold and shipped by


Both of these items are eligible items however neither of them triggers the $75 OTC credits either because Walmart doesn't see them as eligible (this is unlikely) or because UHC is not showing them that the card has $75 in OTC credits.


My account shows the $75 in OTC credits but under 'details' and OTC it also shows I have zero available OTC credits because I have already spent $75.  This was on the very first day.  I haven't purchased a thing.


The only thing I haven't tried and maybe I should is to go to Walmart and try and buy in the store because I do not want to be in line and have to end up bringing things back or buying them with my own money.


I sent screenshots of my attempted transactions to UHC showing that I am trying to purchase eligible items yet the $75 in OTC credits are not available.  Their first response was to parrot that the items must be eligible and sold and shipped by - they considered that closing the issue like they were dealing with a dementia patient.


I believe this is just a scam so one has to buy things through their inadequate overpriced in house catalog.


After sending more screen shots they now, rather than look into it further have sent this to grievances and appeals.

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Same here.  We're being DUPED by UHC. They collect our monthly premiums and short-change our entitled benefits.  

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Ucard not Working on for OTC

I may have found the problem.  Worked on this hard for 3 days now. Finally got phone number to Solutran customer support (1-833-853-8590).  Two different Soultran reps have told me my plan does not include because it is sourced through Firstline Benefits.


UHC has sent out information by mail, on the Ucard Hub, and in multiple emails that the card will work on  This issue has now been escaleted to UHC management through two different sources.


Some UHC plans with the Ucard can use it on, but not all.  My plan includes the S3 network for in store use at Walmart and others but not online at Walmart.  Two of my relatives who are on the same plan were having the same problem online.


More confusion stems from the fact that our plan is allowed to use the Rewards dollars (placed on same card with OTC) on with the Ucard.  Some members with rewards have loaded the card on and used it for OTC products only to see the rewards ballance applied since the system will not recognise the OTC benefit dollars.


If your having the same problems, please contact the Solutran customer support number listed above, especially if your OTC benefits are administered by Firstline Benefits.

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I solved the issue late in January.  I moved to BCBS.  They speak English and in my State they have a local presence also.  

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So, do you able to buy OTC products in person at Walmart with the Ucard?

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Yes, I can use my Ucard at brick and mortar stores like Walmart for OTC purchases but my plan does not allow use on  Solutran manages this benefit for UHC and they are attempting to get UHC to stop sending out the misinformation about


The confusion stems from the fact that some UHC plans with the Ucard are allowed to buy OTC at, but not all.

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UHC/Optum OWNS Solutran.  This is a scam so they can say call Solutran, its not our issue.  Call Solutran and they point the finger at UHC/Optum - its the same company.


Before leaving for BCBS, I tried the card at CVS and Walgreens and many obviously eligible items came back as 'unknown' when scanning them.  Total BS.

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Thank you.

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