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Part B Medicare

When I became eligible for Part B I got a letter saying if I did not want it to sign the form and send it back, which I did 2 months ago. I also notified them by phone twice. Sure enough they have started taking the premium for Part B out of my checks. Unbelievably incompetent, I need to get this money back.

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The sad part about so many insurances is that they are clear and it is very difficult to get someone to explain the way they work.

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1 comment (12/24/22) Hi @robin24 , are you willing to pay the "penalty" for signing up for Part B "later"? From what I have read, we pay that "penalty" forever. I sign up next year at age 65 and found your thread interesting as I "thought" we had the "option" of NOT signing up. In my case it will be "automatic" for Part A (free for me) and Part B (the $164 and some change for 2023) as I am receiving my Retirement Social Security. I am "low income" at the moment, not working - but plan to again when I relocate back to Florida. I am in Virginia and will visit my local LOA (local office of aging) to sign up the 3 months early we are allowed. Based on your "experience" was the reason I plan to "manually register" and not WAIT for the MEDICARE to start AUTOMATICALLY. So sorry you are going through this and I know I would be living in my car in this minus degree temperatures here in Virginia IF that happened to me. Please update us if you feel up to it. Hmmm, do you have a LOA near you? Or Legal Aid? If all else fails, start sharing your "story" with your LOCAL media. That usually gets someone's attention if other routes are not refunding your money. Take care, Nicole 🤎🤗

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Hi @Anonymous I am covered under my husband's insurance until he retires, so I don't need the the Part B. They automatically sign you up when you turn 65. I will let them know a few months before my husband retires so there will be no penalty for me. Every time I call, they say we're behind . . . call back in 2 weeks, 2 weeks later, same thing. Okay, stay warm!

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What does your red, white and blue Medicare say ?  It will give you the parts of Medicare which you currently have - when there is a change, like dropping Psrt B, you should get a new card reflecting only Part A is enforced.


If any medical provider has used Part B for a claim in the months when it appears you had coverage for Part B - those claims will have to be reversed and you will need to pay the providers out of pocket for the claim and not at Medicare rates.


Why don’t you want/need Part B ?  If it is a matter of premium payments, if you are low income (eligible) the Medicare Savings Program can pay the premiums for you.


If you are still working and have coverage thru your employer that is adequate in the judgement of Medicare, then yes, they should not be taking out premiums because you already have coverage.


Actually, a beneficiary signs up for and cancels parts of Medicare via the Social Security Administration and not Medicare. FAQ - Cancel Part B Medicare



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I don't have a card, it had to be sent back to them to say I did not want Part B, and it said I would get a card that said Part A only. I'm covered under my husband until he retires. Yes, Social Security is who I have been trying to deal with this through. Call back in 2 weeks, call back in 2 weeks ...

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I assume you know what the employer requires you to sign up for under Medicare because this depends on their coverage and the size of the employer. Working Past 65 


Sounds like you are doing what you are supposed to do - How to Drop Part A & Part B


from the link:  Hope you kept a copy of your declining request - dated!


To drop Part B (or Part A if you have to pay a premium for it), you usually need to send your request in writing and include your signature.

1.  Contact Social Security

2.  If you recently got a welcome packet saying you automatically got Medicare Part A and Part B, follow the instructions in your welcome packet, and send your Medicare card back. If you keep the card, you agree to keep Part B, and you’ll start paying the monthly Part B premium.


You pay premiums for any months you have Part B (or Premium-Part A) coverage. Your coverage will end the first day of the month after Social Security gets your request.


If you’re dropping Part B and keeping Part A, we’ll send you a new Medicare card showing you have only Part A coverage. Write down your Medicare Number in case you need to go to the hospital or get Part A-covered services until your new card arrives.


Good Luck 



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Tell this to Medicare again?  If they don't help, then contact your attorney.

Welcome to Medicare | Medicare


See, Cost for Part B

What does Medicare cost? | Medicare

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