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Get rid of the u system it's way too chaotic

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Get rid of the u system it's way too chaotic


Call it u-care, u-card, or whatever, I'm going to list out every problem with this. I will get into the very bare specifics of this below each section.


There is no number to call to get a real answer. The number on the card is useless because the reps don't know what's going on. this is such a mess, that I cannot even answer who my provider is, as well as what I have for coverage. I also have no clue what cards I am supposed to be using or how. As I said this is become so messed up, it's impossible to do anything, as well as know what to ask.


First and foremost there are way too many entities, cards, and people involved in this. The people involved do not even know anything useful which leads me to this topic. Over the past 4 days I've talked to five different reps. Each rep have/had information the other rep didn't have, or didn't know about. it took me 5 reps and 4 days to piece together what I have now, and it's still a cluster mess.


1. The reps do not seem to know how many cards are involved, one rep says only 1 card, another resp says there are 2, yet another rep today mentioned a 3rd card. Despite the reps work in the same place, each one has information the other rep don't have. To make matters worse, a person that talks to 2 different reps is not aware the previous rep they talked to, told them information that direction contradicts what the previous rep said.


2. Because nothing is defined so the reps wording and understanding is completely different than the consumer understanding. What the rep is calling ucare the consumer has a different understanding yet both think they're talking about the same thing and they're not.


3. Despite me asking, there is no explanation that answers, what card gets what funding, how much, how often, and what it can be used for. One rep says you do everything with one card, while another rep says no 2 cards are used because one card allows one thing, and the other card allows another. Problem is that no cards do anything because there is no instructions on how to use them.


4. No one knows what cards are what, or why do we have them.


5. One rep says the new (unspecified card) is the new card, and your old card is no longer usable, but aarp says that's not true.

Keep in mind I never said which card I was talking about because no one knows what cards each other is talking about. Even if someone were asked to describe the card, without visual conformation from each other, there is no way to know if the rep and the consumer are even talking about the same card.


6. All cards involved with this need system to be given a very specific name so that way anyone that calls up can know that the rep and the caller are talking about

You literally need to have someone in a video show what card.


I want the phone number to an actual person that knows what the hell is going on and explain this entire mess to me. There also needs to be a way to send and receive pictures of what each person is talking about or get a rep through video chat because with me I'm not sure what any of the cards are for, or which one is my actual insurance card.

Even when it's described it's just described every card I have so once again i'd be back saying I have no clue what card the rep is talking about.


I need someone who is in corporate to call me back

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