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We just took out our bathtub and replaced it with a walk-in shower because it was too

difficult swinging our leg over the tub to get out.  I think Medicare should give credits for

this reno.  Afterall, if we fall getting out of the tub, we could break a bone, so they'd have

to pay our medical bills.  I would think it's less expensive for them to help pay for the

Bath Fitter rather than the hospital bill, physical therapy and numerous trips to the doctor.

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Have you visited the Medicare website and looked at what is available? Welcome to Medicare | Medicare

Did you check with your city to see if funds are available for home improvements? This would depend on your age and income.

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One can fall from any number of places - that’s when Medicare pays for medical necessities; after the fall.  Some Medicare Advantage plans do cover things like this under some conditions.  There are also grab bars that can be attached to the tub to help with the in and out process.


How much would you be willing to pay for your Part B monthly premiums to cover stuff like this (durable medical equipment) which still might not cover all places a fall might occur.  


The VA and sometimes Medicaid might do this for people who have a disability - like being a paraplegic.  The choice there could be between changing to a shower from a tub or spending hundreds of thousands on nursing home care.



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