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Helping mother in law and need advice urgently on Original Medicare, Medigap Vs Advantage plan


Helping mother in law and need advice urgently on Original Medicare, Medigap Vs Advantage plan

I am helping out my mother in law who has onset alzheimers and can't handle her health decisions any longer. I have Power of Attronery over her as well as a Healthcare Surrogate POA. She currently has Medicare Original Plan A & B and has prescriptions through Silverscript, but she is moving from FL to SC this weekend and so we need to get her healthcare all transfered to a new state and since it also happens to be enrollement time, I'd like to make sure she has all the right coverages. She is 73 and has a VERY limited budget so we need to be very careful with what we select. Her Mediare is $135 and her United Healthcare is $200/month. She cannot afford all of this and I am not even sure this is the proper coverage.  My wish is to find someone completely independent and not affiliated with any particular company who is local to our town where she will be living and who can sit down with us and explain what is what and what is available in the town/state where she lives. Who would I search for in our town that could help us ? I need someone who is totally unbiased, who will help her based on her needs, not on signing her up with some specific company they are affiliated with. Thank you in advance for any help. 

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Your MIL is fortunate to have you.  You are right to review her Medicare coverage with an independent agent.  


However, since you mentioned her financial situation, it may be in her best interest for you to investigate whether or not she might qualify for "dual eligibility".  Which means in a nutshell that she qualifies for both Medicare and Medicaid.


This article from AARP explains it pretty well even though it was written in 2018 - the program only has eligibility limits change from year to year otherwise the program works the same.


AARP - Combining Medicare and Medicaid - Dual Eligibility


If she qualifies for these Medicare Savings plans (Medicaid)in her new state - this may save the need of having the Medicare supplemental plan (Medigap), her prescription drug plan and maybe even paying her Medicare Part B premium.


If she doesn't qualify, find an INDEPENDENT Medicare Insurance agent/broker in your local area - they write policies for many different companies - Medigap, Prescription Drug Plans, Medicare Advantage plans with or without a built in drug plan..  Your state's Insurance Dept may have a list of these professionals.



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This is great information ! Thanks so much !

I am definitely going to apply for Medicaid for her. This is all so overwhelming. I appreciate your taking the time to respond. 

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