GENWORTH LTC: "Supplementary Benefit"

Anyone here have a Genworth LTC policy with a "supplementary benefit" clause?  My father's contract was signed around 1993, and includes a clause called a "supplemental plan of care" which has been a twilight zone of secret benefits which Genworth is reluctant to discuss in detail.  The policy holder has to guess what's covered in it.  Also, Genworth wasn't clear on whether or not the supplemental benefit was deducted from the monthly maximum benefit, or from a separate pool of money. We discovered that Genworth waivered between the two-- sometimes deducting a benefit from the monthly maximum and sometimes deducting it from a separate mysterious "supplemental benefit" pool of funds.


We were just reimbursed fully  for our Mobilhelp medical alert system over the past twelve months.  Strangely, the amount was not taken from our monthly maximum.  Suddenly, this month, the benefit was paid from the mysterious "Supplemental Benefit" clause, which is apparently a separate pool of money for things like delivered meals and medical alert systems.  Last year the amount was deducted from our monthly maximum.


My question is what have Genworth policyholders used the "supplemental benefit" for?  My goal is to have Genworth pay for a real live unicorn that **bleep** gold in the back yard.  I just don't want it deducted from our monthly maximum.  What else can we receive under this benefit?  Any ideas?

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Do you have the actual policy ?


It sounds like something that should be described in the policy and how it works.


Sorry, since the policy is so old - I have nothing - 

Perhaps a conversation with your states insurance dept. could at least give you some direction.



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