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Death of Silver Sneakers Program encourages less exercise by AARP

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Death of Silver Sneakers Program encourages less exercise by AARP

Extremely disappointed to find out out Jan 1 2019 that free Silver Seniors was being discontinued by AARP/UHC in California.  This action jointly taken by both AARP and UHC will result in less exercise by AARP members that can no longer afford gym memberships.  You could say that AARP is discouraging their members to exercise by making gym memberships less affordable.

They did this at the exact same time that the prestigous Cleveland Clinic published a 10 year study that concluded that a SEDENTARY LIFESTYLE WAS MORE HARMFUL TO HEALTH THAN SMOKING.

As a 20 year AARP member, this action makes me wonder about AARP's commitment to its members.  I wrote a letter to the AARP President on this issue, but only got a form letter back that did not address any of the issues raised in my letter.

If you agree with this post, please send me a message (email address removed due to TOS violation).

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