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Can't get medicare card

I am turning 65 in February and I want to sign up for Medicare but when I call they tell me there are no appointments in Colorado for anyone to sign me up. The scheduler goes out 3 months. I have called 5 times and every time they send me a letter telling me that I must apply for medicare with in 6 months or I will face a big penalty. How do I get an appointment to sign up for Medicare when there are no appointments? Has anyone else had this issue in Colorado or any other state?

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I am turning 65 in February and I want to sign up for Medicare


If you apply for Medicare this month (Feb) your Part A will be backdated to Feb 1 and Part B will start March 1.


If you wait until March to enroll Part A will be effective 2/1 and Part B effective May 1.


You need A & B before you can have a Supplement (Medigap) or an Advantage plan.


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Social Security - How To Apply Online For Just Medicare 

This actually comes from the Social Security Administration.

Some other directions from were issued earlier in 2020 when they began to work offsite for the most part. - Coronavirus & Medicare enrollment: Get the coverage you need There are rare instances where an appointment can be made with your local SS office for them to get some specific forms or solve a difficult problem - but that is outside the current norm of  just applying.


Start this process about middle-ways down the page at the SSA link above.- Can't miss it - A BIG BLUE BUTTON that says "Apply for Medicare Only" - this is for Part A.

If you want Part B NOW - keep following the directions

If you want Part D NOW - keep following the directions

If you want a Medicare Advantage Plan (Part C) rather than traditional Medicare - you can do that too if you pick up both Parts A & B - some of them also include Part D in their plans.


If you don't understand all of this and ALL the different Parts and your choices - Part A, Part B, Part C, then start reading  - follow along all the drop downs at the top:

Screenshot_2021-01-22 Medicare gov the official U S government site for Medicare Medicare.png


OR - Medicare and You 2021 online  is also a good resource to understanding what you need to know about MEDICARE and all its parts


Bet you thought this was gonna be a snap 😁 .  A KNOWLEDGEABLE local MEDICARE Insurance broker that represents a lot of different insurance companies in your area can help you - and they are worth their weight in gold if you need anything MORE than Part A. - like Part B, Part D or Part C right now - it is the Part B and Part D that have late enrollment penalties.

Good Luck - we are here to help if you have specific questions.

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