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Wed May 27th Welcome to the Bonus Game

Hi Everyone, Looks like lynnie39 was our Winner last night, CONGRAT'S lynnie ! So we start the Bonus Game,

We are playing > letter-C.gif  Letter C, Good Luck!

Here are the numbers for tonight>


O-74  I-28  B-7  G-52  N-31


B-14  G-59  O-72  I-19  N-42


O-61  B-3  N-36


Have a good game, I'll check back soon, Jen


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Great job, Lynnie.

I'll be running out of spaces inside my bingo card, then the called numbers have to take their places on the outer circle. Until then, it's like a Memorial day beach party on the inside.
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Congratulations to lynnie, WTG woman.

We had a mixed day of some sun and a lot of clouds and mother nature graced us with a midday T-storm. Samson says he could have done without the loud booms, but when he started to get restless I put on his shirt and he quieted right down.

I got a couple for the C, nothing spectacular.

Good luck everyone.

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congrads lynnie
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Congrats to lynnie39 for her win. I got a good start on the bonus game. The weather was great today, and hopefully it won't rain tomorrow.
As always stay safe, healthy, and strong.
Charonanne E Kading
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Congratulations to lynnie🎉💃, I got 3 of the numbers I need for the letter C.

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