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Hi Everyone, Another hot day, with off and on showers, they were very brief.

Here are the numbers for tonight >


I-30  N-40  B-2  G-54  O-71


B-12  I-18  G-49  N-35  O-62


O-66  I-23  N-45


Good Luck, I'll check back soon, Jen

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Morning - late in checking my card - Bingo - card 56

B 12 - I 26 - N 33 - G 49 - O 68

Oh happy days!

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Another trio hit, and still no B(and). I'd keep the hit over the egg any time., thank you.

What was that WWW blabbering about? I couldn't quite catch the drift. Must be political gibberish, an English dialect that I have great difficulty grasping. To me, election is like a game of darts, and I have no control over where they stick.
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No showers so far here but it's coming our way later, got 2 little numbers today.

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No rain today hooray! I had a relaxing day during my counted cross stitch picture for my son for Fathers Day.
I got a few more numbers, but none that will help.
See you all tomorrow.
As always be safe, healthy and strong.
Charonanne E Kading
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 74 and rained all day so far, hasn't stopped yet. We can't go to the cars without getting our feet very wet. Went out without an umbrella but wore a rain jacket. When I came back my son said I should have left the jacket and taken an umbrella. Oh well Que sera sera. I did get a few more numbers tonight and they lined up pretty good so will wait and see what tomorrow brings.

Good luck everyone.