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Hi Everyone, Mary Riley was our Winner last night !

We start the Bonus Game. We are playing "letter c "

letter-C.gif  Here are the numbers for tonight>

I-17  I-28  B-1  B-9 N-41

N-35  N-37  G-48  G-51

O-61  O-75  B-15  N-31

GOOD LUCK, It was in the 80's today, so it wasn't as bad as yesterday, see you all in a bit,Jen.

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Congrats to Mary again. After I marked out the Bingo numbers, my trackball took a dive. I had another one. I will see if I can fix the other one for a backup. Good luck on the Bonus Game all.

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It looks like my game is a day late and a Bingo short.  We'll C if the missing 4 numbers are showing up tomorrow or the next day. 

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Good evening everyone. I got three numbers tonight but only one helped me with the "C". How nice that we do the "C" which is the first letter in my name of Charonanne. 

My burn on my right arm from yesterday hurts today. I was grocery shopping and leaned on the shopping cart and the blister burst. It is just reminding me to be more careful around my oven door.

I think I got rain last night as everything was wet this morning and there is rain around me, and I am suppose to get it later, I hope so, because it is needed.

You all take care and have a great night, and congrats to Mary on her win. 

Charonanne E Kading
Honored Social Butterfly

You know if I am here this early that dinner is late, though it isn't that early. I did get four numbers so am in fairly good shape.

Hey Jen how about the letter H next month for Halloween, just a thought. Yeah, I know I should stop thinking so hard. Good luck everyone.

Honored Social Butterfly

Congratulations to Mary Riley 🎉 I got 1 number for the letter C. We got some more rain today.

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