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Hi Everyone, A day of errands, a few groceries, two different places, getting there was a trip, the harvest is going on big time, heavy equipment, and tractors, and semi's full of grain going to the elevators.

You just have to stay behind them, and bide your time.

Here are the numbers for tonight>

I-16  N-39  G-53  B-7  O-73

G-56  B-13  I-24  N-32  O-67

B-2  G-60  O-65

Good Luck, I'll check back soon, Jen

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Reading about Jen being stuck driving behind heavy farm vehicles reminds me of my younger adult days (in the 70s).  We would drive to the North shore on this two lane road and would be stuck behind dusty and dirty cane hauling trucks for about half a mile!  Even on Sundays!!!

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Looks like we have a winner so congratulations to Mary Riley.Good to hear you yelling bingo Mary.

Wow, I miss seeing all the hustle and bustle of harvest time, also miss all the fresh from the garden veggies. Ahh well, such is life. I got a few more numbers tonight, but they weren't any help. Good luck in the bonus game everyone.

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@prisonnurse06 Sorry to hear about your arm. @jen43  Keep your distance from the farm equipment. I have a Reach and am in need of two numbers in three different places, but ‘close’ doesn’t win this game. Congratulations @mr67205064 Mary!

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Hi Jen, I have a bingo on card #159, 2,26,free,56,63, good luck to the crew, have a blessed night

Mary Riley
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This is a Good Bingo !

bingo%20trophy%20new.jpg  WAY TO GO MARY !

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Super Mary! 

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Wow! Congrats to @mr67205064 - Mary. 👍

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So sorry to hear @prisonnurse06 . With nurse in your name, I guess you do not need any hints. Take care. It always looks like it snowed around here when the cotton is harvested. 

I got a few numbers (3).  Still a bit anemic. Good luck all.

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Good evening everyone. I have rain all around me, and the weatherman says I  should get some during the night and tomorrow morning.

I burned my right arm getting something out of my oven at noon today and did a good job. I put some cream on it and doesn't hurt too much. My hand slipped and I couldn't pull my arm out fast enough. My oven door is very heavy.

I got some more numbers today and have three areas looking good, which means someone out there in bingo land is closer. 

Jen reading your post brings back memories when I lived out in the country in Bismarck Ill. and during harvest time having to take your time when on the side roads because of all the tractors or the truck taking the grain to the elevators. 

You all take care and have a great night. 

Charonanne E Kading
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We had some rain today, all I see is 18 wheelers back and forth on my road hauling corn and beans. I got 5 more numbers today and waiting in 2 spots. Good luck to the rest of you.


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