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Hi Everyone, Geez our weather goes up and down like a yoyo.

HERE are the numbers for tonight >

B-10  B-14  I-25  I-30

N-38  N-33  G-47  G-58

O-72  O-66  O-62

Good Luck, Thing it's gonna be leftovers for supper, don't feel like cooking, be back in a bit,Jen

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I'm a bit later than usual, we were watching a DVD the movie about Johnny Cash. I was never a big fan of his though I liked a few things he did and I did get to see him in person once when I was living in NJ. Oh dear that was way back in the 1970's when I saw him. A lot of water under the bridge since. Okay down to bingo business, I got one number, yep just one. It got to 86 today and it's 78 here now so it has warmed up a few degrees. Good luck everyone.

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Hi Jen.  Hawk eyes here.  B2 was called on Tuesday.  Thank you,

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Yes I see that, i'll call an extra number tomorrow night, it will be ok, Thanks Jen.

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Good evening everyone. As I look out my window I see very dark clouds so I guess it will start to rain soon. 

I didn't go to Bible Studies tonight because of the weather and my right knee is giving me problems. It is arthritis kicking up again. 

I got three numbers tonight but they didn't help me. You all have a great night. I hope ladyfox58's granddaughter's homecoming will be rain free. 

Charonanne E Kading
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I got one number in the right place. Our weather is a yoyo too @jen43 . Hard to take cold and hot like a sine wave. @ladyfox58 (hope you have good weather for your granddaughter) has rain she is hoping will stop and we are wanting rain to start here. Too bad we can't direct it as needed. Good luck to everyone for getting the numbers.

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Rain again today hope it stops soon tomorrow is Homecoming game for the school my Granddaughters go to and one of them will be walking across the field at halftime, none of my numbers matched the letter C good luck to the rest of you.

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