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Hi Everyone, vexed was our Winner last night.

We are starting the Bonus Game, we are playing

the Letter O, for October.

Here are the numbers for tonight >

I-20  N-45  B-7  G-48  O-67

B-15  I-16  G-49  N-43  O-73

N-42  B-12  I-30  B-9  G-60.

letter-O.gif   Good Luck, someone at the gas station said it's supposed to get real cold starting tonight, I hope that's just a rumor ! I'll check back soon, Jen.

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5 more to go for that O (or is it a lei?) on my card.

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I got three numbers where needed and four that were no good. The temp is 74 right now and going down to the mid 60's. Not too bad. Stay warm everyone. and good luck.

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Good evening everyone. I only got two numbers and neither one helped. It was a warm day but it should be nice and cool tomorrow.

You take care and see you tomorrow. I am not feeling well tonight, my thyroid is acting up, so I am going to bed early. Good night.

Charonanne E Kading
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Hope you will feel better with a bit of rest @prisonnurse06 .

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Nice of you to consider sharing  @Vexed Janet. I know what you ladies mean about the cold. We’re supposed to see nighttime lows in the 30s this weekend. I still need four for my “O”. Good luck everyone.

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Thanks for all the congrats. Sorry there weren't any other winners. I said I would have shared the win. I hate it getting colder too @jen43 . Good luck everyone.

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I am not vexed that you won, Janet. Hurray!!!

Honored Social Butterfly

Congratulations to Vexed 🎉 well 3 of my 6 numbers matched the letter O.. good luck to the rest of you!

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