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Hi Everyone, Looks like we are going to have good weather this week.

I have enjoyed being outside today, playing in my flower beds.

Here are the numbers for tonight >

N-37  B-14  I-26  G-53  O-65

G-58  I-17  N-32  B-5  O-71

B-1  I-24  O-61

GOOD LUCK, I'll be back soon, Jen.

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Looks like we have a winner, congratulations to Janet, WTG lady!!!

I got more numbers than last night and have two waits. Close though isn't enough in bingo. Good luck in the bonus game everyone.

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@VexedCongratulations! Good for you so soon! I still needed two in a couple places. @jen43I’m happy you’re in for nice weather. @miliannieI can smell you from here!

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Looks like we have a Winner Congratulations Vexed🎉

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Good evening everyone. I remembered this morning about my Monday bingo and the numbers I got from that night I will not be bragging about. 

I did get a few more tonight and lost by one number. Congrats to @Vexed for the win.

I look forward to the bonus game. You all take care and see you all tomorrow. 

Charonanne E Kading
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I only have BO today.  It's ING's turn to take the day off.

Someone brought some freshly picked green onions (scallion) from a local farm to Tai Chi class to share.  I used it in my lunch preparation today.   What a difference from weeks old green onions at the supermarket.  It was so pungent that my eyes teared up.  It was like in my youthful days, when chopping green onions always made me cry. 

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I have a Bingo. Card #4 --- B-3, I-17, Free, G-53, O-61. Thanks @jen43 , I needed cheering up. Will be happy to share with anyone else. Good luck all. 

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This is a GOOD BINGO.

You are the 1st WINNER ! bingo%20trophy%20new.jpg

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