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Hi Everyone, Our Bonus Game starts, we are playing,

#tag Bingo- scan0002.jpg This one might take a while.

Here are the numbers for tonight.>

B-5 B-11 I-16 I-30 N-38

N-40 G-48 G-57 O-69

O-75-I-20 N-35 G-59

B-2 O-66 G-60

Good Luck,vexed was our winner last night.

I'll be back soon, Jen

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The state of Tennessee is also represented by our Bingo group!

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#bingo games are tough.

Jen, are we playing on New Years Eve, or is tomorrow the last day for 2021 bingo?  I need to fill 9 more spots.  Good luck all.

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Yes we are, I don't have any  plans, so I will be posting numbers, so join in if you can,Jen

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Thanks everyone! 🎉 I don't think I had but one that counted. I will have to draw a cheat sheet. 😊 Get some rest  @SassiLady . Good luck to all. 

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I think I have another pic that's clearer I'll have to post it.

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No @jen43 , I didn't mean I couldn't view it properly. I meant I need a cheat sheet so I can tell on my cards if I have the proper numbers in a row. Sorry, didn't mean to sound like I wasn't happy with the picture. It could be the best picture in the world and I would still have to feel my way around the card. I had to look real close at the "N". But these games are fun. I didn't mean anything by it. Sorry, won't say anything else about stuff.

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No problem Vexed, I have to jot the placement on my own little cheat

Feel free to say what ever, I wasn't upset, my remark was for everyone,Jen.


OK, I have my board all marked up and ready to go. I need 6 numbers, good golly 🤣

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I think I need seven numbers, this game confuses me sometimes, but I am sure I will get my act together by tomorrow. Had a lousy night last night so I am tired.

Good luck everyone.

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Good evening everyone. The day started out raining and now the sun is setting and it is cooling down. 

I got a go start on our Bonus Game. Congrats to Vexed for her win.

You all have a great night.

Charonanne E Kading
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I have two nights to get four numbers. Good luck everyone! 🍀

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Congrats to Vexed🎉 I have a start on the hashtag... good luck everyone 🤞

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