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Hi Everyone,We had an awful lot of rain this morning and last night,yuck!

Here are the numbers for tonight>

I-22 G-53 N-34 B-3 O-61

G-55 N-36 B-8 I-24 O-73

N-43 B-15 O-63

Good Luck, gotta fix some supper,maybe soup..

I'll check back soon, Jen


I had 4 numbers but no bingo. Congrats @Vexed 

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Thanks @im2bizzie . Good luck.

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Okay, I got more numbers tonight and don't have a wait but I am halfway there in two places. Good luck everyone.

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Is 4 corners a Bingo? I so I have 4 corners. If not sorry.

B-1, B-14

O-73, O-71


@jen43 would love to have your rain. Haven't had moisture in nearly 80 days. Ooo @ladyfox58 , I haven't had Gumbo in a long time, sounds great. Yep, @prisonnurse06 , Texas has very odd weather. Good luck all. Should be other Bingos today.

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Congratulations Janet on getting a bingo. WTG woman.

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Thanks @SassiLady . Good luck.

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This is a Good Bingo vexed, CONGRATULATIONS!

You are the 1st Winner tonight.

bingo%20trophy%20new.jpg Looking good here in Bingo land !

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Thanks @jen43 .

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Well darling, your 4 corner guards made you a regular bingo winner 👋


Somehow, I misplaced my yesterday.  Yet I got a reward:  26 called numbers.  Only in Jen's BingoLand !  Like the SassiOne, I have no wait (reach).  Onward to the Bonus game.  Good luck all.

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Thank you @miliannie . good luck.

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Yes 4 corners is a Bingo Congrats 🎉 I love my Gumbo

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Thank you @ladyfox58 . Good luck.

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Good evening everyone. I got only two numbers tonight. This card is slow in getting started. 

It was another warm day of 79 now. It suppose to be raining tomorrow and the weatherman has said there is a freeze this weekend. Like I said weather in Texas is never boring.

You all have a great night. 

Charonanne E Kading
Honored Social Butterfly

We had a little rain this morning, I'm eating Gumbo for supper time for a change..I got 4 more numbers today.

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