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Hi Everyone, Looks like we are getting some bad weather this weekend, dipping down into the teens..brrr!

Here are the numbers for tonight for those who are joining us, don't think I will be up at midnight !

B-12 B-6 I-17 I-27 N-31 N-45

G-47 G-56 O-64 O-70 O-74

B-10 I-23 N-42 G-52

Good Luck, and HAPPY NEW YEAR !

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Hi all please prayer for the Colorado fires - it’s so sad 700-800 homes have burned - we are expecting snow today - so that will help with all the hot spots.  But many family’s are displaced. 


Happy New Year to all - please stay well. Lynne

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@lynnie39 , so sorry to hear. Have been praying since I heard. Hope all is well with you and yours. May the snow help all. Happy New Year all.

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No Hashtag for me tonight, we have rain in the forecast for tomorrow night so I don't know if there will be any fireworks going on. Wishing you all a safe and blessed New Year 🎊🎉

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I am down to two numbers, will see what tomorrow brings. Good luck everyone.


4 numbers for me tonight, but still need 4 more for a bingo!

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Good evening everyone. It reached 70 warm but a slight chill in the air and sunny. 

As a kid and later on I would enjoy the fireworks and would look forward to seeing them and still do but I never took consideration of the animals that are affected by it, until recent years. Tomorrow night when there will be fireworks in some parts of the world I will worry about the animals that don't understand the big noise and get scared and run, and some of us may never find out pets especially cats again. People if you can keep your animals in tomorrow night and I put a blanket or towel on the kitties and dogs this helps. Assure your animals everything will be okay. You can watch it on the television, but we cannot control the people in our neighborhood. 

I got more numbers tonight to help me. Jen will you be posting numbers tomorrow? In case you don't congrats if there is a winner from this game.

I will check back later. If we don't have numbers then I will say HAPPY NEW YEAR AND HOPE THAT YOUR YEAR WILL BE A GOOD ONE. 

Charonanne E Kading
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Yes I will be here, like i've said before, no going out and celebrating, those day's are over for me, will be watching on tv, like a lot of others, see you all tomorrow night, we will see if we can finish this game,Jen

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Very glad to hear that we'll have another chance tomorrow to finish this old year  on high note.  The stock market is also open tomorrow and Monday, due to the New Year 2022 happening on a Saturday.   I understand the last time this occurred was in 2010.


I have a miserable golfer-in-residence because his favorite golf courses are in the valleys near rain-cloud-catching mountains, and they've been soaked since Monday! Because our condo is across from the ocean, we have the coastal weather, a totally different eco-system, even though our island is only 44 sq. miles by 33 sq. miles.  Go figure!

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