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Tues May 7th, Our Bingo Game Continues

Hi Everyone, Are we ready for Bingo ?

Here we go>

The numbers or today are>


N-36  B-6  I-20  G-47  O-62


I-28  O-75  G-59  B-4  N-31


O-69  I-18  I-22


Good Luck, Got some yard work done, even mowed the front yard, the back is still too wet, and they are calling for rain again tomorrow, Have a good game, I'll check back soon, Jen

Honored Social Butterfly

Congratulations to prisonnurse on her win.

I hope the kitty gets better soon.

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I have a recalcitrant bingo card. But I'm resilient. We'll know for sure who wins this week, me or the card--actually we'll both win (or lose).


Congratulations to the cats' mom, prisonnurse.

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Looks like we have a winner Congratulations prisonnurse06🎉 I got some numbers but they went all over the board.

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I can't believe it I have a Bingo on CARD 85
B 6, I 20, FREE, G 59, O 75.
Consider how my week has gone so far, not good, this makes me feel a little better. Now if only my cat Black Jack would eat. He became sick Monday or during the night on Sunday and has been to the doctor twice and still not eating. He will drink water, and going to the bathroom, just pee. My other cat Trouble won't go near him and when he does he hisses at him, so my life feels like living in Hell.
My son said if they get hungry they will eat. Trouble isn't eating since last night and not used to kitty litter, so I am looking for a miracle.
Enough about the problems. Maybe tomorrow will be better. You all have a great night.
Charonanne E Kading
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This is a Good Bingo!

bingo trophy new.jpgWAY TO GO ! You are our Winner for tonight !

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Nice day here but too hot in the afternoon, sigh, I guess sommer has arrived in all her glory.

I have a wait but will have to see what happens, someone may hit it tonight.

Good luck everyone.

Social Butterfly

My numbers are starting to click so perhaps they'll be saying something tomorrow...The Apple blossoms smell heavenly and the Lilacs are about ready to Pop..a couple of Tulips here and there..It seems it's a good year for flowering shrubs/trees...
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