Honored Social Butterfly

Mon May 25th Welcome to Bingo Game 582

Hi Everyone, Summer has found us, very hot here, I am in the process of getting the AC set up.

Here are the numbers for tonight>


B-5  N-33  G-46  O- 64  I-16


G-51  B-10  I-21  N-38  O-68


N-43  I-26  G-57


Good Luck, I'll check back soon, Jen

Regular Social Butterfly

I remembered to check my numbers before the day is over. Yay. Got three.

The way the young people celebrated this memorial weekend was very irresponsible. I pray that we don't suffer any negative consequence from their partying as if nothing happened. I can't take anymore of "house arrest". I cherish my freedom to gather as strongly as any young person. And we have not had an extended family reunion since March. Hopefully, their recklessness will not reactivate the rampant viral infection, thus extending our quarantine.
Esteemed Social Butterfly

Seems like we gone have some bad weather tonight I can hear thunder far off, I got 5 numbers so far

Regular Social Butterfly

This Memorial Weekend was a quiet one, no fireworks, which I know my kitties were thankful. I spent it by myself watching Downton Abby all 6 seasons. I taped the concert from Washington DC.
It rained all weekend, and then would stop at night so I would go out and put out dry food for the feral kitties.
It was also very hot and humid, but now it is only 66 and cool, and the rain has finally stopped.
I got some numbers tonight maybe tomorrow I can get more then tonight. See you all and take care and as always stay safe, healthy and strong.
Charonanne E Kading
Honored Social Butterfly

Two for me tonight.   77 here in not so sunny Florida today. It rained all day and is still at it, just when you thought it was going to stop it started up again, not even a hint of sunshine.

We had a nice family get-together yesterday, barbecued, swam in the pool and celebrated my grand daughters birthday which is on the 28th but she will be working then. We didn't exceed the limit of ten for a party, LOL.

Good luck everyone.

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