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Hi Everyone,it really warmed up today, in the 40's !

But I think tomorrow will be colder again,go figure..

Here are the numbers for tonight>

G-46 B-12 O-72 N-44 I-20

N-31 G-54 B-1  I-26 O-66

B-10 N-38 O-75

Good Luck, I'll check back soon,Jen.

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Oh wow Congratulations Mary on getting the regular bingo. Our posts were 2 minutes apart and when I looked at mine yours wasn't there yet, crazy, I would think my posting would have refreshed the page.

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Oh golly, I got five numbers and need two more in four places and one more in one place. I fear we may have a lot of bingos tomorrow, if not I will be surprised.

Good luck everyone.

P,S. we made it to 58 today, maybe 62 tomorrow. We are on a warming trend again.

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Hi Jen, I have bingo on card #49,6,26,31,54,66, thanks and good luck to the team, have a Blessed night 

Mary Riley
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Congrats @mr67205064 !!

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This is a GOOD BINGO !

bingo%20trophy%20new.jpg YOU ARE THE 1st WINNER ! WAY TO GO Mary !

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Way to go @mr67205064 Mary. A Tuesday bingo. Congrats!

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It got up in the 50's here but the temp dropping down now, I got 7 numbers today and waiting in 3 spots.... good luck to the rest of you 🤞

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Good evening everyone. I am trying to type with my cat Black Jack's tail swishing back and forth on my keys, it is making it slightly difficult. Yesterday I got a few numbers and today I have almost got a win. 

The weather has been warm today but getting colder by Thursday. It is 73. I pulled a muscle in my right arm so it makes it hard to do much which I don't like, but it was my stupidity that got me into this mess by moving furniture without any help.

You all have a great night and now I am going to put some peppermint oil on my arm because it really helps. I have medication but I can only take half dose because of my heart medicine. My heart medicine stops me from taking a lot of other medication which is frustrating. 

See you tomorrow. 

Charonanne E Kading
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I caught 4 numbers today. Just need 1 more. Our weather was a balmy 39 degrees and sunny today. Stay warm everyone!! 🔥

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Got a few numbers today. Going to turn colder and they say we might get some snow tomorrow or tomorrow night into Thursday. They said it has been so dry that they are not expecting it to produce much. One never knows around here. There was a main burst around here somewhere and they turned the water off for 3 hours, back on for 5 minutes and back off for 3 hours. Good thing it happened today or they would be miserable fixing it tomorrow. Stay warm all and good luck on the first Bingo.


3 numbers today.....need 2 different numbers for two regular bingo's

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