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Hi Everyone, Hope your weekend was a good one.

Here are the numbers for tonight>

B-8 I-17 G-52 N-35 O-63

I-23 N-42 B-6 G-48 O-69

G-57 B-4 I-28

Good Luck, I'll be back in a bit,Jen bingo-8.jpg

Honored Social Butterfly

Glad to have you back @TheSuzyQ....I got seven numbers tonight also and am half way there in two places. We have had a very chilly three days here in NE Fla. mostly rain early today but then some sun made it's way out between the clouds, didn't help it get any warmer as the wind was blowing so bad. Good luck everyone.


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Thank you so much. Wow 7 numbers, is that a new record? Do we have a record? 🙂  


Good luck everyone!



I had 6 numbers tonight. Need 2 more for a bingo under each letter, or 2 more numbers for a bingo across the free.......maybe tomorrow 😉

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I caught 3 numbers but I just need 1 more for a Bingo on the diagonal.


Clear and cold for us!  Brrrrrr 


Missed you all. Happy to be back 🙂



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Good to have you back with us SusyQ !

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Nice to meet you @TheSuzyQ for bingo and welcome back.  Good chance going there for a bingo. Good luck.

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Thank you !


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We’re happy to have you back @TheSuzyQ !

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Thank you Linda! xo

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@ladyfox58 and @LindaB671 , I am joining the quad club. 😊 Good luck to all.

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@ladyfox58 I got four numbers as well. Good luck everyone! 🍀

Honored Social Butterfly

My weekend was pretty good even though it rained, I got 4 numbers so far.

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