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Hi Everyone, A bitter cold day here, not fit for man nor beast!

Mary Riley was our Winner last night, so it's on to the Bonus Game, we are playing mini Full House-

mini-full-house.gif  Here are the numbers for tonight>

B-5 B-14 I-16 I-29

N-40 N-33 G-50 G-56

O-61 O-71 B-2 I-24 and G-59

Good Luck, I'll be back in a bit,Jen.

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congrads  Mary Riley

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I'm doing bad also, got two numbers tonight and still need eight more. Maybe Jen will let me turn my card upside down and then I will only need three. LOL

Got up this morning to 34 degrees here in sunny Florida and ended up at 66, tonight and tomorrow are supposed to be warmer. Hah, a one day reprieve and then back in the freeze zone.

Good luck everyone.

Good luck everyone.

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Not doing so well on the numbers. I miss the lights too @TheSuzyQ , even though we didn't get out much to look around. We have a little 4 inch circuit board Christmas tree shape with blinking lights (since the cats negate putting a tree up) that hubby built from a kit a long time ago, sitting on top of the cabinet. We leave it all year.

Hope you get to feeling better @prisonnurse06 . Good luck to all on the bonus game.

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Congrats to Mary Riley 🎉 I a few numbers for the Mini Full House... good luck everyone 🤞

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Good evening everyone. The weather in Fort Worth started out warm but there is a cold front coming through this evening and I will have a hard freeze in the morning.

Congrats to Mary Riley on her win.

I got a few numbers to get me started on the Bonus Game. 

My right arm that I injured hurts when I type on the computer so I am going to say good night. 

Charonanne E Kading
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I caught 6 on that one. Mild and gray today. I miss the Christmas lights! I think I will light some candles.


Stay warm Jen!


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