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Hi Everyone,another sunny day, im going to get spoiled.

Please welcome pwcook1 to our Bingo Game.

Here are the numbers for tonight >

B-3 N-36 G-49 I-24 O-67

G-57 I-18 N-43 B-6 O-61

N-31 O-63 B-11

Good Luck, I'll be back in a bit,Jen.

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Thanks @LindaB671 , @jen43 , @ladyfox58 , @SassiLady , @im2bizzie  and @TheSuzyQ  for all the congrats. Good luck to everyone on the bonus game coming up.

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Congrats @Vexed !! How did you make your cool Graphic?


And Welcome @pwcook !! 

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Thanks @TheSuzyQ . In the editor where you type the post, click the 3 dots and it brings another row of tools. On the second row right side there is a grid box and arrow. That lets you make a table. Rows, columns and things you can do to make a table that looks like the bingo card. then you can enter the numbers. I made one a while ago and I copied the html code of the blank grid and I just insert it into the html code of the edit box and then I put my numbers in. That way I don't have to put in all the parameters to make the grid every time or I don't have to make graphics every time. If you want the code, I can give it to you and you can insert it in when you make a bingo. 

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@pwcook what is your name? Where are you playing from? Welcome to the AARP Bingo group!

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Oh wow, the little hand has learned how to hide until you hover your cursor where it should be, then it makes an appearance and you can give kudos. Hmm looks like the gremlins have been at work again. '

Congratulations to vexed on getting the regular bingo. WTG lady. I am still waiting for the same two numbers. But this makes for a long bonus game.

Welcome to @pwcook our newest player.

Good luck everyone.


6 numbers for me but no bingo. B 23 or 29 would have done it for me. 


Congratulations @Vexed 


Welcome aboard @pwcook1 


We hit 60 beautiful degrees today and tomorrow it is supposed to be even better ~ I will take it!

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Congratulations to Vexed 🎉 I did way better today than yesterday I got 7 numbers today.

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Good evening everyone. It was also a sunny day here in Lake Worth Texas. Our State is still on Grass Fire Warnings because of the drought in Texas. There was one just south of me yesterday but don't know if there were any today. It is windy and this isn't helping. Our biggest problems are the tumbleweeds that catch fire and then go where ever the wind takes them. 

I got some good numbers today and have two areas that I only need one more number. If I am that close then I know someone out there in bingo land is closer. Maybe a Bonus game tomorrow?

Welcome pwcook1 to our group.

See you all tomorrow stay safe and healthy and warm.

Charonanne E Kading
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Welcome to @pwcook1 .

@jen43 I have a bingo. Good luck everyone.





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This Is A Good Bingo,vexed.!




An early Tuesday Win, way to go!

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I love the colorful letters!

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A few more numbers here tonight. Good luck everyone! Sunny here too @jen43 which is a nice break from the snow and clouds.

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