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Hi Everyone,the sunny days are over, we are under another Winter Storm Watch,heavy rain tonight,then freezing rain and snow,geeze!

vexed was our Winner last night, we are starting the Bonus game, playing Hash Tag Bingo>hash-tag-card.jpg 

Here are the numbers for tonight>

B-1 B-7 I-20 I-25 N-32

N-41 G-46 G-54 O-64 O-73

G-59 O-75 N-45 B-12 and B-5

Good Luck, I'll be back soon,jen.


60 degrees here in TN today. Ready for Spring.


I had 6 numbers tonight, only 6 more to go hahahaha

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Hey, number sign. pound sign, and now hash tag, I wonder what it will be in another fifty years or so? I won't have to worry about it. I got two numbers tonight and X'd out four, hmm the bad outnumber the good 2 to 1. We made it to 65 today and tomorrow is supposed to be in the 70's. I wish the roller coaster would run out of fuel.

Good luck everyone.

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I have one corner of the # tied up 👍 just need 3 more corners lol.


Pot Roast, I can smell from here! Always love a good pot roast.


Our Air Force Base just deployed their F-35s to Germany. This is starting to feel terribly real with Russia. I think they are actually going to invade Ukraine. Feeling very anxious this evening. We already had 2 World Wars. We don't need a 3rd.



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Know how you feel @TheSuzyQ .

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Running late but I'm checking in, I did 4 numbers for the#

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🖐  Raise your hand if you are inclined to call the # symbol a "pound sign" even though no one born in this century knows what the heck you are talking about lol 😂


Picked up 2 in the # 😀


Good luck y'all



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Hand raising @TheSuzyQ .   I also called it a "number" sign.  Aslo, as typed it could be an italic tic tac toe. 😊

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Thanks @prisonnurse06 . Saturday we woke up to snow. Today it was near 70. Tonight and in the morning cold, low chill factor and snow. Stay warm all and good luck.

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Good evening everyone. The weather today in Lake Worth Texas looked like rain but didn't very windy which is driving my sinuses crazy. There is rain close by and tomorrow it will be cold.

Congrats to @Vexed  for her win.

I got a few numbers to get me started. You all have a great night and stay warm and safe. 

Charonanne E Kading
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