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Hi Everyone, Well let's face it August is Hot and Muggy !

Just trying to stay cool..

Here are the numbers for tonight>


B-2  N-37  G-48  I-18  O-63


G-52  O-70  B-14  N-40  I-20


I-28  G-55  B-4


Good Luck, I'll be back later to check, Jen

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Wow, looks like we have a winner. Convertiblegal did it again, Congratulations woman, WTG!!!

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Bingo, Card 28

B 8, I 20, N 40, G 46, O 73


Bronze Conversationalist

     Well friends, relocated last week and am now in the Figer Lakes area, Elmira, NY.  We had a big thunder storm this PM and the weather people are predicting more of that wet stuff.

     Got some good number today, but NO Bingo.  Good Luck to All, Michol

Social Butterfly

Hopefully, tomorrow the numbers I need will be called.

Have y'all noticed how the days are slowly getting shorter? Public school kids are back to school this week. My littlest grand son is not a happy camper. His birthday came on the first day of school.
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I think it is hot and muggy all over the USA. I got more numbers tonight. Today went to a meeting at the local community college, getting ready for registration tomorrow, for the Fall Semester that starts September 9th.
I am taking less classes this semester as I got wore out from too many classes last Spring.
I wonder if anyone will get a bingo tonight. See you all tomorrow.
Charonanne E Kading
Honored Social Butterfly

Did better on numbers tonight but not a lot of help, I am halfway there in three places.

We had some rain this afternoon but it has been hot and muggy here again.


Esteemed Social Butterfly

I thought we were about to get some rain been hearing thunder and flashes of lighting but nothing yet, I got a few numbers some are connecting together good. Good luck to the rest of you!

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