Honored Social Butterfly

Wed Aug 7th Welcome to the Bonus Game !

Hi everyone, running Late, It was my turn to drive the grandkids around, just got home... Convertiblegal was our Winner for the Regular bingo game, Congrats Sandy !

Tonight we start the Bonus Game, We are playing Lg Outside Frame >


Here are your numbers for tonight>

I-30  B-10  N-32  O-61  G-57

O-68  G-50  B-7  N-39  I-25

B-1  I-17  and O-72


Good Luck, I'll be back in a bit to check, jen

Regular Social Butterfly

WTG beautiful Cars Lady, aka Convertiblegal, on winning the straight bingo. I still don't have anything to brag about. Even if the straight bingo were available, I still wouldn't be able to yell Bingo today. As for the big O, let's wait and hope. (No crossing fingers. Not good for old veins.)
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Honored Social Butterfly

Hey Jen, we will survive. Sorry I threw a monkey wrench into your getting it fixed before anyone got here.

Well I only got 2 numbers that helped but one more number will give me the inside,LOL!

Good luck to everyone.


Honored Social Butterfly

You were fast checking in SassiLady, I thought I could get it fixed before anyone posted but you beat me to it,

So to catch everyone up, We had a winner last night, so I changed my post to the Bonus game, and it's all good now, Jen

Esteemed Social Butterfly

Congratulations to Convertiblegal🎉🎉 I got 1 number for the LG Frame.

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Honored Social Butterfly

Jen, convertiblegal posted she had a  bingo last night. I know it was kind of late so maybe you didn't catch it.

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Honored Social Butterfly

Thanks Sassy, I had already posted, but I fixed my post, and the Bonus Game starts, sorry for any confusion...Jen

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