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Honored Social Butterfly

Mon Aug 5th Welcome to Bingo Game 540

Hi Everyone, Boy is it hot, heat is back with vengence! Must be in the 90s out there, and very muggy !

prisonnurse was our Winner Fri night.

Here are the numbers for tonight>


B-5  N-34  I-26  G-46  O-73


N-43  I-16  B-8  O-66  G-57


I-23  B-11  N-31


Good Luck, I think it's gonna be cold cuts and salad for supper , too hot to cook..I'll check back later, Jen

Regular Social Butterfly

Slow start for me: three numbers bunching around the Free.

The 2 possible hurricanes, Eric and Flossie, changed their mind about being fast and furious in mid Pacific. Eric put on a tropical storm coat and sailed past our Big Island on a Southern path. And Flossie is coming in a day or two as a tropical depressions. Like all storms, they can still influence our island weather with rains, wind and humidity but on a much lesser scale.. That's still way better than hurricanes. Did you know that those two names will be used again in the future to name hurricanes because they didn't materialize (as hurricanes)?
Honored Social Butterfly

Jen I feel like you it's to hot to heat up the house cooking on stove. I got a few numbers here and there.

Recognized Social Butterfly

Today started out cloudy but the sun is out now, and of course it is hot and muggy. I am starting out pretty good, now we will see if my luck holds up.
See you all tomorrow.
Charonanne E Kading
Honored Social Butterfly

Three here and spread all over, will have to see what tomorrow brings.

Probably another hot day like today, hot and muggy.

Good luck everyone.

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