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Thur June 3rd Our Bonus Game Continues

Hi Everyone, It was a lazy day for me, but I enjoyed it.

Did a little shopping, and visited with my grandaughter.

I did startle my garden snake this afternoon, or should say it startled me ! He was just sunning  on a rock, minding his own business, don't know who moved faster !



HIMAG1009.jpgere are the numbers for tonight>

G-52  G-47  B-6  B-15  B-2

I-19  I-30  N-34  N-39  O-75

O-63  O-68  B-8  I-21

Good Luck, Be back soon, Jen


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     BINGO   b-1  i-19  n-37   g- 48  o-61   across   also  I- 19 21 16 23 25  down

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I'm sorry FAYESPLACE, we are playing the Letter C, and you are missing some numbers>letter-C.gif .

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Thanks for the lovely picture of the Coneflowers Jen.

Tonight I x'd off six numbers that we don't need and still need the same five that I needed last night, lol. The flowers cheered me up though. Right now it is raining and has been off and on since four o'clock. I am sure our lawns are thankful for the nice soaking,

Good luck everyone.

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Those are some pretty flowers Jen, I'm in need of 3 more numbers for the letter C.

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Thank you for the flowers, Jen.  I think they are called Coneflowers?

A few more gaps to fill for that elusive C .   I hope someone will snatch it.

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You're welcome miliannie, and yes they are coneflowers.

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Good evening everyone. Jen the flowers are they Cornflowers? As close as I am to a win I have a feeling someone else is closer, which means maybe tomorrow another bonus game.

I love when I am covering my numbers and I have one right other and then I don't, and I tell myself, darn I almost won.

You all take care stay safe and healthy and strong. Jen don't go waking up anymore snakes. 

Charonanne E Kading
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