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Hi Everyone, Here it is Friday again, it was a fast week.

Here are the last set of numbers for the Bonus Game.

N-32  N-44  B-13  I-26


I-18  G-54  G-59  O-62


O-72  G-49  O-65 G-51

Good Luck, I'll be back in a bit, Jen

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 Wow, great job ladies, CONGRATULATIONS to LindaB(aka PatrickB) and miliannie.

Sorry for not getting here on Friday, but bingo at St. Catherine's wears me out for some reason. Twenty games and two 10 minute intermissions, I was yawning by 9pm, and it wasn't over until just before 10pm. Thankfully it was a short drive home. By now you probably realize I don't have the C. My card lacks 3 numbers, and they were all needed to make a C. Have a great weekend, whatever is left of it, see you all on Monday.

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Please sign me up for the next game.

Have a wonderful weekend every one!


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Oops! Bonus Bingo Patrick B. post was really me, Linda B..

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CONGRATULATIONS LindaB ! We understand..It's a GOOD BINGO !


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I C a bingo in my immediate future! Card 34:

B6 I18 N32 G60 O74




B10 I27 N43 G59 O71

This had been a victorious week for me in BingoLand.  I'm raring to play again next week.  Please sign me up for that game Jen.  Thank you.

Have a a nice summer weekend everyone. And remember to pick up a little succulent called Aloe Vera from the garden area of your favorite  store.  It's very house friendly and its fresh gel (from the leaf) works like magic on any burn, from sun to barbecue pit. Plus you can ditch the Aloe gel in the bottle, which is perhaps only 50% effective. It's our medicinal plant in HI.

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Another Winner, WTG miliannie !

congrats.jpg  THIS IS A GOOD BINGO ! Lucky Lady !

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Bonus Bingo!

B - 6,12,8,9,13

I - 25,26

N - 32,40

G - 54,55

O - 62,69

card #41

Very pretty flowers this week @jen43! I’d like to play the next game.

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You're right Jen this week went by fast.. Well no C for me still need 2 numbers, sign me up for the next game and Congratulations to whoever wins 🎉 Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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