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Mon April 13th Welcome to Bingo Game 576

Hi Everyone, A blue sky sunny but colder day..and they say it will be colder this week, there was even a rumor about snow..

HERE Are the numbers for tonight>


B- 5  N- 32  G- 47  I- 25  O- 61

G- 56 O- 67  B- 8  N-40  I- 28

O- 71  B- 11  G- 50


Good Luck, I'll check back soon, Jen




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WTG Sassilady on your win. Well Bonus round tomorrow. It was cold today and tomorrow, they say our warm weather will be back next week. I was worried because I haven't any flowers yet, but the way the weather is going, it may be the end of May before I can safely plant anything the weather is going.
Sad to hear about the tornados west of me.
Got to see my grandsons via of FACETIME, and did get to attend my church service via of video.
You all take care. See you all tomorrow.
Charonanne E Kading
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Wow, Congratulations to SassiLady on her quick win🎉🎉 I did get 5 numbers though.

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I'm missing the 2nd N number on my bingo card, Jen. You sent me N44, then 4, free, 32, 39. Did you mean 40,or 41, or 42, or 43, etc.... ?

Without the questionable N, I have 4 hits. That's about 30% of the called numbers. But the Sassy One has a bingo. WTG! Let me pinch her for good luck.

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Sorry miliannie, it's N- 40

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Oh dear, I almost feel guilty about saying this but I have a bingo on card #106.

B-11, I-28, Free, G-47, O-71. Now I will duck in case there is anyone out there that wants to throw some rotten tomatoes my way.

Good luck in the bonus game everyone.

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No rotten tomatoes, Just CONGRATULATIONS ! 

This is a Good Bingo. Way to go SassiLady ,You are our first Winner !


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Woke to snow & 15 degrees - we made into the 20's. Lots of possibilities on this card. Stay warm 

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