Honored Social Butterfly

Tuesday April 14th Welcome to the BONUS GAME

Hi Everyone, SassiLady was our Winner last night !

So, it,s a early Bonus Game. We are playing Letter O, Here are the numbers for tonight>

B-3 I-17 G-52 N-43 O-64

I-21 B-1 O-73 G-54 N-37

G-58 B-13 O-69 N-34

GOOD LUCK, I will be back soon, Jen


Regular Social Butterfly

Got one good brick in this O-fence, and a useless outside it.
Right now, the biggest preoccupation I have is to score a bingo. That's pretty darn lucky of me.
Thank you Lord, for a blessed life.
Honored Social Butterfly

Congrats to SassiLady 🎉 I got 1 number for the letter O.

Honored Social Butterfly

We had rain on and off all day. We were supposed to have T-storms but I guess they went around us as all we heard was a little thunder a couple of times.

I got 1 number tonight where it counts but I am doing a good job of getting the middle filled in.

Good luck everyone.

Recognized Social Butterfly

It was very cold this morning, and since the wind has gone down it isn't as cold. It is suppose to be a tiny bit warmer tomorrow.
Got a few numbers for my O, but have a ways to go. I had another eventful day, of not much. I put my wash away and did needlepoint all afternoon.
See you all tomorrow. Stay healthy.
Charonanne E Kading
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