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Hi Everyone, Hope you all had a good weekend.

Our hot weather is still with us, the weekend was in the 90's, too hot for me.

Here are the numbers for tonight >


B-6  I-24  G-46  N-35  O-71

G-53  N-42  I-17  B-2  O-63

I-28  O-66  B-7


Have a good game, I'll be back in a bit,Jen.

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I got 6 numbers.  Maybe I have a fighting chance this week hehe

Pam G.
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So sorry for your loss @ladyfox58. I only got a few numbers tonight. It’s a good thing it’s only Monday. Sorry to hear about the heat some of you are getting. It’s going to be in the 70s here for most of the week.

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A number in each column, how good is that!!!!  I don't care if they don't line up.  It's just nice to see every column taken care of. 

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Good evening everyone. The hot weather has finally arrived in Texas. This is the first time this summer we will be having temperatures in the 100's. 

I got a few numbers tonight. SassiLady since you haven't seen your DIL's mother for so long I bet you will have a great visit.

Have a great night and stay safe and healthy and strong.

Charonanne E Kading
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I was in Houston, Texas over weekend at my sister funeral Saturday it was hard but I know she's not suffering anymore from cancer. I got a few numbers today nothing to brag about.

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Sorry for your loss - Love & prayers

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Deep condolences LadyFox.  😔

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I'm sorry to hear of your loss ladyfox, may your sister rest in peace.

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Sorry to hear this ladyfox58, God Bless.

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Well a couple of my numbers are friendly tonight so will see what happens tomorrow. Busy here, my dil's mom flew in yesterday and is visiting for two weeks. Before you ask, yes we get along fine but I hadn't seen her for about 30

 years. Good luck everyone.

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