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Hi Everyone, Is everyone cool ? High 80's here, waiting for a cooling breeze, temp inside is cool, Thanks to the AC.

Here are the last set of numbers >

B-11  B-12  I-23  I-27  N-40

N-35  G-59  G-55 O-73

G-49  O-64  I-17  N-38

GOOD LUCK, I'll be back soon, Jen

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A belated congratulations to miliannie on getting the E. Good for you lady.


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DUH!!  I plum forgot to look at this all week.  Wonder why I didnt get the notice that messages were posted,


Pam G.
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Sorry to hear about the heat some of you are getting and @SassiLady‘s storm. It was pleasant here today with sun and temperatures in the mid-70s. I was two shy in the Bonus game. Congratulations @prisonnurse06! I’d like to play the next game.

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Had you also called  O65, I would have had a coverall!


Please sign me up for the next game.  Stay safe everyone.

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Am I missing something miliannie, You had a Bingo, right?

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What's the matter with my vision?  Of course I have the E bingo also.  Thank you Jen.


Card 105:

B15  I27  N44  G56  O72


B05  I18  FREE


B02  I29  N39  G58  O73


See you all in a couple of days.



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CONGRATULATIONS miliannie !This is a 


celebration-balloons.jpg HAVE A GOOD DAY !

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Okay, looks like Charonanne has a bingo, WTG, it's your week.

I still need two numbers for the E so no win here.

We had some horrendous weather last night, it started thundering and lightening at 7:05 and it didn't stop until 8:40. I have never seen it that bad as it was constant for over an hour and a half. We got deluged with rain also.

Everyone have a great weekend.

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Please sign me up for the next game.

Have a great weekend every one!


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Good evening everyone. It is hot here, but this is Texas which is suppose to be hot. It is comfortable in the morning. I am hoping for a shower this evening.

I have a BINGO

CARD 102

B 13, I 22, N 39, G 58, O 63

B 7

B 8  I 18, FREE

B 1

B 5, I 27, N 34, G 50, O 66

I can't believe I got two bingo this week.

Congrats to anyone else who has won this game.

Please sign me up for the next game. Have a blessed weekend.

Charonanne E Kading
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You are on a roll ! This is a Good Bingo prisonnurse06



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It's your "can't do no wrong" week.  Congrats on your wins. 

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