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Hi Everyone, Heat wave continues, doing bits of housework to stay busy, then read for a while, sometimes I open the door, feel that blast of heat

and quickly shut the door !

Here are the hot numbers for tonight>


I-20  B-10  N-38  G-57  O-75

N-44  I-22  G-55  N-32  O-68

B-14  G-48  O-61


GOOD LUCK, I'll check back soon, Jen

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just many players are there?

Pam G.
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Hi Pam, At  the present there are 10 players., They don't always post each day, sometimes more , sometimes less. Jen

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Good evening everyone. Again another hot day in Texas. Jen I see the weather map on the news and the heat wave that is going across the upper part of the States, and can't believe it. This year the climate is crazy.

I got a few more numbers, but none helped me.

SassiLady I hope you find out what is wrong with your wrist and get in really soon to see the doctor.

You all have a great night and of course stay safe and healthy and strong.

Charonanne E Kading
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Got some more numbers today some of them lining up

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No help tonight still only halfway there. Perhaps someone will win tonight, and then I can work on something other than a regular bingo. I have something going on with my wrist as it was sore last night and this am it was swollen. I thought maybe it would go down today but that isn't happening so I guess I will call the doctor in the am and see if I have better luck getting an appointment than I did two weeks ago. I am not going to the acute care center again. It is too expensive.

Good luck everyone.

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Did you try to clobber yourself during the night SassiLady? Joking aside,  I hope your wrist gets some medical attention soon. 

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