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Hi Everyone, Hope your weekend was a good one.

Bright and sunny here, but they are talking rain/ shhh, we just won't listen.

Here are the numbers for tonight>

B-4  I-28  N-35  G-57  O-66

N-41  B-11  I-16  O-70  B-8

N-43  G-55  O-69

Good Luck, I'll check back later, Jen

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Summer is definitely here!  I sweat under my shirt at the end of my morning walk around 0700. 

Lately, I've been adding 30 minutes of Tai Chi exercises right after the walk and before I jump into the shower.

Re: Tai Chi.  It's the most gentle form of movements.  Some find the pace too slow.  The Tai chi moves I follow are demonstrated by Don Fiore.  If anyone is interested, it's free on Youtube.  I recommend the 8 minutes Beginners.  My legs and knees seem to be strengthened.  Also check out the Lohan patting taught  by the same person.

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thanks for the information on Tai chi  its on  you -tube ?

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I got 6 numbers and am also in pretty good shape, will have to see what tomorrow brings.

We had a shower but not a long one. It's that time of year though so we expect them frequently, and the humidity is starting to come back, ugh. Tomorrow I have to take my van to the collision shop to get it fixed from when the man backed into it in the parking lot. The collision shop and I have not gotten off to a very good start as she didn't seem to have me on her schedule. She never gave me a time only a date and when I called today she was hesitant and asked if they had seen me for an estimate, I said yes you did, and you told me June 8th to get it fixed. I don't get the estimate as the insurance for the guy that hit me is paying the bill. She is getting it though and better not take longer to fix it than the week she quoted me, that should be more than enough time. I get a rental so at least I won't be without wheels. Good luck everyone.

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It poured down here and I think more is coming, I got 4 numbers today sitting pretty good.

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Good evening everyone. Jen I am smiling at your remark, but I think they are listening, to someone just not us.

I got a few numbers a whole 3. It started out raining but now it is sunny.

You take care and I will see you tomorrow. Stay safe and healthy and strong.

Charonanne E Kading
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