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Hi Everyone, Here it is Friday, just got a severe alert on my phone, about Christmas ?? What are they gonna cancel Christmas, I didn't look at it..

Any how, I am good here, a happy camper, see..

C7822.jpg  Here are the last set of numbers>


B-7  B-11  I-26  I-22  O-62

N-36  N-43  G-47  G-59  N-33

I-19  O-71  O-66  G-52  G-49


GOOD LUCK, I'll check back soon, Jen

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Please sign me up for the next game.

Have a wonderful weekend every one!


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Wow, looks like congratulations are in order for miliannie. WTG woman!!!

I missed by one number.  Everyone have a great weekend.

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Okay, hold on to your chair everyone, because i've got a B I N G O !!!


Card 153 shows these numbers:


B    I    N    G    O

6   26  42   59  73

3   22  41   47  66

5   19 free  60  72


I hope the spacing between the numbers is stable for a clear report.

Please sign me up for the next game. Thank you.


Keep being impenetrable  to Covid-19.


For those who can, do this daily test with me:  pour a glass of wine into a glass.  Bring the glass up to your nose and sniff it.  Can you smell it? Next, take a sip.  Can you taste it?  If you say YES to both questions, you've passed the diy Covid19 test. Cheers.

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celebration-balloons.jpg CONGRATULATIONS miliannie, Way to go, Wine sounds nice, but none in the house, Have a good weekend !

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they are saying no large gathering with others outside of family in house that live together, not to travel unnecessarily. stay covered masked in and out . cleaning more frequently etc and no physical contact period . wow our world is just scary and also angry place. not God fearing at all. wishing everyone safety plus blessings and prayers abundantly.   good luck winners.


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You are right Wanda, my daughter read it to me, our Gov is stressing the same things,OUR thanksgiving will be a small affair, I'll miss those that live out of town, but better safe than Covid, Jen

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I lost by three numbers. Congrats to who ever wins. I know they have been sending warning to us about traveling during the holidays and maybe it has something to do with that, as they are really stressing about large group getting together.

Please sign me up for the next game.

See you all on Monday the beginning of the Thanksgiving week. Have a safe and wonderful weekend. 

Charonanne E Kading
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I'll like to know what they gone cancel unless it's some festivals. I still needs 3 numbers sign me up for the next game Jen and if anyone wins Congratulations to you 🎉

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