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Hi Everyone, A cold and rainy day here,par for the course!

Here are the numbers for tonight>

B-5 B-12 I-18 G-52 B-1

N-35 G-55 O-68 O-63 

I-20 O-71 I-22 N-42

GOOD LUCK, I'll be back soon, Jen.


Yaaaaay! Congratulations to all the winners!! I needed 2 more numbers for the O and only 3 for a full card 😁

@jen43 count me in for next week! I had fun 😊

Have a great weekend everyone. See y'all next week 💖

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Oh no!  I needed N37.

Congratulations to Vexed Janet and SassiLady.

Please sign me up for the next game, if the Bingo Hall will be open.  If not, Mele Kalikimaka.


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Cpngrats to the winners 🎉🎊 I'm left needing 1 number, sign me up for the next game Jen and enjoy your weekend everyone!

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Interestingly we play Bingo from all over the United States. We represent Illinois, Florida, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Texas (2 people), New York (me) and even Hawaii! Did I miss any?

I missed the “O” by two numbers. I’d like to play next week please @jen43 .

Have a nice weekend everyone. Stay warm and dry. 100% chance of snow here tomorrow. ❄️❄️

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Good evening everyone. Well it looks like we have two bingo winners so far congrats to both of you and any others.

I was down to one G 57 and it was the last open space on my card. 

Please sign me up for next week, and you all have a great and wonderful weekend.

Charonanne E Kading
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Congratulations to Janet @Vexed on getting the O. While I am here @jen43, is it safe to presume that next week we will have a four day game due to Friday being Christmas eve.


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I think I have a bingo @jen43 . Needed 2 G's for blackout/coverall.

Card #168

B-1, B-2, B-5

I-22, I-23

N-44, N-31

G-52, G-58

O-74, O-75, O-61


Should be many winners tonight. Congrats to all. Sign me up for next week. Have a great weekend everyone.

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This is a Good Bingo vexed.

YOU ARE THE 2nd Winner !

bingogirl.gifA Happy Bingo to YOU !

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Bingo on card #166, actually I have a blackout.

B    I    N    G    O

      26  45  59

11                      72

 2                      68

 6                      70

       25   31  48


Good luck everyone.

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WOW Look at you ! The O bingo and a Full card !

congratulations_fireworks.gif SassiLady , Have a great weekend. Yes Thursday next week will be the last game for the week.

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Congrats @SassiLady  on the "O" and the Blackout. I like the way you did your "O". I was lazy. 😁

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Thanks Janet, I have to give credit to miliannie (Hawaii) for starting that idea, I always liked the way she did it and recently decided to give it a try. To my surprise it wasn't as hard or as time consuming as I thought it would be.

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Got down to 1 G 49 for bonus.

Please sign me up for the next game.

Have a wonderful weekend every one!


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