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Hi Everyone, We had 3 Winner's last night, convertiblegal.SassiLady, and Lori !

Tonight we are playing the Letter O.letter-O.gif  .

Here are the numbers for tonight, please don't clear your card,

B-14 I-16-G-50-N-41 O-72

I-23 N-36 O-69 G-48 O-66

N-32 B-3 G-60 O-62

Good Luck, we are having strong winds here tonight, hope it doesn't turn into a storm, have fun with this, I will be back soon,Jen


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We made it 76 today and the sun was out all day, what a surprise. I got two more numbers for the O. Good luck everyone.


I was able to cover 4 more numbers today. I need 6 more 😁

I actually went to bingo today and won. It is for my community residents only. We don't pay to play because gambling is against the law in TN. But the prize is $10 per game for 9 games and then the final 10th game is a full card for $20. My very first time going there, I won the full card lol. Well, that was 6 years ago, and I have not won it since hahahahaha. But I do win a lot of the 1 - 9 games that are played.

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hey  bizzie welcome to our wonderful group    congrands last nights winners.  no luck here either.






Thank you

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Congrats to yesterday's winners 🎉🎊 I got a few numbers for the letter O.

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Congrats to all the winners. Glad you could win Lori. We are having high winds also. Hope no one has to endure damage or loss. Hope you aren't going to have as bad a night as last time @jen43 . Sorry about your tree @prisonnurse06 and get some rest. I got one number tonight. Stay safe all.


Yaaaay 😀 Thank you!


How many people are in this group that actually play bingo? Is this a large group, or is it just a handful of us?


Stay safe!!

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Hi Lori, I send out 12 cards each week, some people move and I don't hear from them, it's not a big group, but we like it, we do have a lot of views on our forum each day, which is nice, we are always glad to have new people.

Yes, we are under a Wind warning, that means  I will have a restless night.



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Hi @im2bizzie.  Jen probably can tell you how many bingo cards she sent out each week. However, usually, those who blog here are the active players.  There might be some players who quietly, as in no posting anything, play along with the group, but I suspect that it's very few.  I'm very happy to see you actively participate in the game and group.  Congratulation on your bingo

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Good evening everyone. It has been very windy and warm today and they say there is a cold front coming this weekend.

Congrats to our winners. I see our new member won, great. 

Today my tree fell or should I say the stand came apart and it fell into the corner, but thank goodness my grandson came by this afternoon and it is now standing tall and decorated.

You all have a great night, I am going to bed early been busy getting the house ready for inspection tomorrow for renewal of lease in the new  year. 

Charonanne E Kading
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