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THURS DEC 16th We Continue with the Letter O

Hi Everyone, it turned out to be a nice day, did a little Christmas shopping with my daughter and had lunch, it was fun.

Here are the numbers for tonight >

G-51- G-58-B-7-B-10-I-30



GOOD LUCK, I'll check back in a bit, Jen

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Still need a few numbers. Hubby had to get some new meds today. I told them I would have to sell a kidney when we refill the prescription next.  😊  Good luck all.

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I do know that feeling. Have you tried, I have found them to be the cheapest even on something outrageously costly on my insurance. You can even see what your local store pharmacy will charge thereby getting the best buy. I take one med that surprisingly is cheaper using them and getting it at my grocery store pharmacy, even cheaper than Walmart.

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Thanks @SassiLady . I asked when we filled it about Goodrx (I got a card in the mail). And they ran it through and said it was still over what percentage my insurance paid. I looked it up online and they were right. But, I thank you for the idea about checking with another pharmacy if they would have a better price with either the insurance or the GoodRx card. Didn't think of shopping around at pharmacies. Thanks again.

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@Vexed I am surprised as I did my research right on goodrx I know when I started taking a high priced drug a few years ago I saved about $50 on a three month supply that would have cost me $150 thru my ins. and since I didn't use my insurance I also didn't have to pay the $395 deductible for that tier of drug.

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@SassiLady  I thought it would be a good discount too. But it was more. I think it depends on the drug itself. There is no generic for it either. The price is unreal. Thanks.

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I only have two numbers left on my card and one of them will make an O. We had another nice day today. I had a visit with my primary doctor, a follow up on my blood work. I was unhappy with my glucose which has been creeping up but she checked my A1c and that was great so she told me not to worry about it. I guess I will just keep watching how much sugar and carbs I eat.

Good luck everyone.

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5 hits today, but only 3 contributed to the bingo mission. 


Today's date is the 16th 😊

Hey it sounds like we all got some shopping done today. I too, went shopping with my daughter and GRANDdaughter! Any time I get to do spend time with them, it is a GREAT day!! It doesn't matter what the weather is doing ❤️


I got 2 more numbers on my card today......just not any that helped me lol 🤣 

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LOL, sorry about the date, forgot to x off yesterday 0n my calendar, I will fix it, thanks.

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Good evening everyone. Jen glad to hear about your Christmas shopping and it is always nice to spend time with our children. I also got some shopping done today. I also finally got my tree decorated. 

I had the inspection done on my house for renewal of my lease in February. I find out in January if my rent goes up or stays where it is, which is okay with me. She was pleased with what she found. I treat this house as if I owned it. 

I only have 3 spaces left on my card, so it will be interesting to see what happens tomorrow.

You all have a great night. 

Charonanne E Kading
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It was a very nice day here also glad you got out and had some fun with your daughter.. I got 2 more numbers today still need 4 more numbers for the letter O.

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