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Writing Rhyme

Limericks are a blast,

write some slow, some fast.

Like the challenge of the rhyme,

good leisure hobby time.

Twenty-seven have amassed.


More to come . . .   ---  Christine

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Astaire and Rodgers had a chat,

that turned into their only spat.

Ostrich feather flying mess,

had Fred somewhat destressed.

Became "Cheek to Check" in "Top Hat."

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1933, screen test, Fred Astaire,

said "can't act, slightly bald," about his hair,

But the final thing they said,

"can dance a little," instead,

of Fred Astaire, lighter than air, their err.


Shortly after the screen test, he was matched up with his iconic partner, Ginger Rogers. They made ten very popular movies.  I don't think the initial screen test slowed down his career.

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Originally on "Our Front Porch."


When it comes to tv hillbillies,

like the family of hills, Beverlies.

Jethro only one left,

worth fifty mil, some heft.

Would like residual income please.


Max Baer Jr. would need a good chunk of change to live in Beverly Hill at $1,296 per sq ft .  By comparison, average price per sq. foot home in US, $123.  So, the average price, at the average size ( just under 3,500 sq ft ) in Beverly Hills, a whooping $4,500,000.  Max Baer, Jr. would fit in just fine. 😎

Bronze Conversationalist

 Spring, I hardly knew you,

time flew with so much to do,

It's the first day of summer,

the heat can really be a bummer,

but it beats snow through and through.


Happy Summer!



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Steve the @postman29 


Lived in upstate New York years ago,

shoveled and drove that hard snow.

The worst was "black ice,"

but the one that's nice.

In a glass on my patio.

Bronze Conversationalist

The sun is like fire in the sky,

it makes my skin feel hot and dry, 

I tried to get some relief,

But the sun is a thief,

I can't get cool but I try.


The woes of a letter carrier in the summer, who couldn't wait to get back to his truck and put his face up to the fan on his dashboard. We weren't worthy of ac in our trucks. We were lucky to have a fan-with 2 whole speeds!




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Steve the @postman29 Another excellent one! You earned your pension for sure!


Again, with triple digit degrees,

not even a slight hint of a breeze.

Fry eggs on the sidewalk,

 isn't just idle talk.

Enjoy a margarita freeze please.


Not one of my better ones.  I think the heat, really affect my writing of rhyme tonight.



Bronze Conversationalist

It must be pretty hard to keep those margaritas frozen there right now! That just means you have to drink them faster.😁

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Steve the @postman29  Cheers to that! 🍹 Though my kids always called me "half-arita" because a half a margarita was about as much as I could drink.  Guess a light-weight when it comes to drinking. My hubby makes a great Mai tai.

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 My responses to the "Would You Rather?" question on Family & Friends:


"What gently removes plaque," said a sleuth,

"the stimulates gums," sounds so uncouth.

Increases saliva flow,

less bacteria can grow.

Apples, say studies, that's the whole tooth!


An apple a day keeps the dentist away?




Impressed with your rhyming tar heel,

you embraced the question with zeal.

Bad hygiene you do flout,

surely a female drought.

Even mail-order brides would squeal!


Bronze Conversationalist

Keep them coming! You are on a roll! Great job!

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Steve @postman29 Thank you.  It really is my jam.  If I can do limericks about deodorant, who knows where this could take me 😄 Commercials?  I hear Dove Deodorant calling.📞 😂  ---    Rhymes

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Which leads me to deodorant limericks, that's just how my brain works!


Eighteen billion dollars a year,

stick, roll-on and sprays, prefer clear.

Dove is leading brand,

for your sweating gland.

Please use if near, and we will cheer.




Aluminum-free is just one type,

it's healthier if you belief hype.

 Try out tonight, if you like,

maybe for afternoon hike.

All you got to do is give it a swipe.



Bronze Conversationalist

For Dad:


You were always my hero as a cop,

You were always my hero as my pop,

I miss you each and every day,

I miss you in every single way,

My love for you will never, ever stop.


Happy Father's Day Dad. We all miss you. Alzheimer's took my name away from you the last 5 years of your life but I knew in your eyes you remembered me and that's all I needed to help get me through. We will meet again I'm sure.



Social Butterfly

@postman29  Wow! What a wonderful tribute to your dad.  Thank you for sharing. All the amazing, loving care-giving from you and your life.  The important thing to remember is that even as the Alzheimer's progressed, I'm sure he always felt loved and cared for. Solid!

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Mid-June, and temperature on rise,

great, more sweating, no big surprise.

Long-sleeves gone, despair,

short ones, nearly bare.

Flabby arms, sleeveless, I despise.


Highest air temperature ever recorded on earth, fittingly in Furnace Creek Ranch, Death Valley California, on July 10, 1913.  It hit a whopping 134.1 degrees!

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In response to a riddle on the retirement forum:


Back in October 1982,

treasury cost-cutting, knew what to do.

Change copper to mostly zinc,

that was a smart way to think.

So, keep old pennies instead of the new.


Which reminds me: President Lincoln never went to jail because he was in a cent.


Christine is a poet

Her posts often show it

With each of them always quite fun

But I plugged up my ears

When she went and switched gears

And assaulted us all with a pun.



Actually, I had to read the "in a cent" bit twice — once out loud, quietly — before I got it. Them brainial synapses of mine are moving slow tonight.  

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Entered my first limerick contest a few weeks back, it didn't win any prize, but it was so much fun trying it out.  Had to use a word from a list of three, I selected outlet:


Mom had grown deeply upset,

she needed a calming outlet.

Between work and home schooling,

her schedule was grueling.

Answer, chocolate baguette.


Will enter some more contests in the near future.

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Bronze Conversationalist

@Rhymesometimes and @postman29 , I'm really enjoying your limericks. Very creative, both of you.

Social Butterfly

@DeahWA , You got me started on the limericks when you mentioned National Limerick Day, and I can't stop.  A true sickness.  😄  ---  Christine the limericker

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Bronze Conversationalist

Oh no! LOL

Methinks you engaged your creativity long before that @Rhymesometimes . 😉

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Hey @DeahWA how did you know? My mom made sure each of her children had something they excelled in.  My brother Steve music and song writing, my brother Matt engineering, math and computers and I was always always the "crafty" and literary one.  Crochet, needlepoint, counted cross stitch, looming hats, jewelry making, reading and writing.  Now I can add limericks and ink and water colors.  Of course I can get totally nerdy and mention my love of sudoku, trivia books and Quiddler, Boggle and Rumi Kubes.  Learning Mexican Train with dominos this week with my hubby. 


I found a blog that has a limerick contest every two weeks.  Going to try it out. 

What are you up to?  Any more progress on your book?   ---  Christine

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I enjoy Quiddler too — great game. I have to say, I'm better at the smaller hands at the beginning of the game, though. When it gets up to 8, 9, and 10 cards, I get overwhelmed. Too many possibilities and too often I'm one letter away from a huge word I sort of fixate on...and then hope that I might draw that particular letter card. It does work in my favor sometimes — but rarely!

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@AvocadoDog Yep, in Quiddler I think size does matter, smaller words seem to win more hands. Wow, that sounded a lot dirtier than I intended. 😄 My crowning achievement was "bronzer." My husband was baffled, and asked if that was a real word. We now have a list of some of the lesser know words.  His favorite is "qua" - definition, in the capacity of; as being. 


I play with an old Scrabbler dictionary nearby, and I've added a handful of words — I think even "qua," but definitely "qi" (I think it's a Chinese character) in the margins, as acceptable, based on seeing them pop up in "Words with Friends."

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@AvocadoDog Thank you for the qi, next round of Quiddler my hubby better watch out. 🤓

Bronze Conversationalist

If you have something to say,

writing a limerick is the way.

You can say what you want,

you can type in any font,

as long as it makes someone's day!



Social Butterfly

      Steve the @postman29 another awesome, award-winning limerick.  I think it's time to admit we have a serious limerick writing addiction.  That's always the first step right?  Not sure if I can find an AA like support group, kind of specialized.  My husband continues to support this crazy new hobby.  Does your wife think it's a little bit crazy, cheesy or nerdy?   ---   Christine

Bronze Conversationalist

Christine, she's not into limericks but likes that I've found another hobby lol! It gives her more quiet time to watch British mysteries and comedies! I think she's got the right idea. No addiction there. 

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