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Yesterday just as I began my morning walk, a very young unmasked lady approached me. Directly facing me and with a lot of enthusiasm, she said that she and her friend across the street were not sure if doing something crude in a car was okay if no one nearby witnessed it: sounded pretty kinky to me. Normally, I would have asked her what the context was; but because neither of us was wearing a mask and she was so close to me, I half seriously replied with only a few words: “It depends on who is in the car with you.”

This was her dumbfounded response: “God, I never even thought of anything like that.” What an epiphany!  As I walked away from her, she ran after her friend to disclose her revelation.   My offhanded remark had enlightened her; I had made her day. Go figure!

I, on the other hand, was a bit crestfallen: Because I was so concerned about possible Covid-19 contact with the young lady, I missed the opportunity to find out what kind of crude activity in the car that the young lady was referring to. As in so many instances in my life, my mother’s watchword has prevailed: Be cautious, be safe.

My wife has always been more adventuresome than I have been. But after our fifty-two years together, she better understands my desire for self-preservation, as long as I don’t become a petrified old fossil.


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Sounds to me like two immature individuals making a bet on whether you'd take the bait. 

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@DeahWA  That's probably a good assessment of what happened.

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@schlomo A pretty bizarre question to ask a total stranger, good answer by the way, and it sounds like you may have dodged a bullet.

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