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Summer Sports

There is a lot going on in the sports world right now! Even more than usual with COVID rescheduling too.


Which event do you enjoy or you are looking forward to the most this Summer?


NBA Playoffs

NHL Playoffs

MLB Regular Season

College World Series

Euro Cup

COPA America



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The Olympics, hands down!

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I so miss baseball I can't even describe...


I learned math at the KC A's stadium, then taught my kids and nephews and nieces math at "The K"! Later moved to Anaheim field for the Angels (NOT THE CURRENT RENDITION!)


I found that love again here in Vegas at Cashman with the 51s! Miss that Vegas "feel" since there is only a suburb team with a different name... will have to follow home-town Royals and not have that in park feeling again, not due to COVID but due to decisions that didn't involve the actual fans...

Phil Harris, actor and showman, to John Fogerty of CCR: “If I’d known I’d live this long, I’d have taken better care of myself.”
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It was the NHL playoffs with the Bruins until they were ousted. I am now back to the Red Sox. Then the Olympics.

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@postman29 As an NE area guy, that makes complete sense! NHL playoffs are the most unpredictable, imo!

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@AARPMichaelP  Olympics!

We watched some of the Olympic Trials for Swimming just last night.

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@LindaB671 I caught some too while I was changing channels between baseball and the playoff games. Swimming is one of my favorite Olympic sports!

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