Seeking creative people for chatting and sharing ideas!


I am a semi-retired artist who owns an Art Studio and Gallery in the Midwest who would enjoy chatting with seriously creative, down to earth people who enjoy life and view it with wonder!

Other artists, back roads travelers, nature lovers are all good.   Thanks!!!



Hi Rosemary,

 I dabble in abstract painting mostly acrylic. I have sold some paintings, but currently have our house on the the market so my painting and creativity has been on hold. I am also a nature lover and love animals and travel. I am signed up to travel with a women’s group to Africa late spring with GreenEdventures for Safari.


Hi Lisa!

Thanks for replying!  I know what it's like to put your house on the market.  That pretty much takes over a lot of your time.  Best of luck in selling it FAST!!!!

Gosh!  Going on an African exciting.  If you need anyone to come alone and carry your bags or lay out your clothes for you in the morning, let me know.   Ha!!

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Hi Rosemary! I am musician living in Los Angeles, and would be happy to chat with other creative people about ideas. With all of the unrest in our country right now, I think our best way to cope is through our art, and the appreciation and preservation of nature. 


Hi Upper!

I have been so busy with Christmas Open House weekends, I haven't been in the community for awhile.  How have you been?  Did you have a nice Thanksgiving, and what have you been up to?    🤗


After reading the profile you put together, you sound incredibly talented!!  You must be an awesome pianist to have that type of background.   I know artist friends and business associates, as well as myself agree that getting creatively involved can make us oblivious to what's happening around us.  I'm also very fortunate to own a nice amount of forest I can wander around in and experience life outside of Covid.  It would be nice if there was a section titled "Art" that people could go to to chat, but I don't know the steps to get something like that established in these forums.

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I just read your profile (I forgot about the profiles!) and your life seems idyllic. Of course we all face challenges, but you seem to have created such a wonderful life. Yes, I have been a musician since early childhood. Currently our neighbors have been joining my husband and I for a jam/singalong every Friday night in our front yard, and it feels magical. Everyone wears a mask and is distanced, we have a fire pit, and we take turns choosing songs to sing and play. It is so uplifting! It would never have happened had it not been for the pandemic, which makes it all the more fascinating; there is such a deep desire for people to connect, especially through the arts, and being able to do so is incredibly powerful. Are you creating art at the moment? If so, what is your medium?


Thanks, Upper!  My life and the way I choose to live it brings me a lot of peace.

I think it's very cool that you have formed a jam session/singalong in your front yard with your neighbors.  

I am creating some art at the moment, doing some wandering and some "shooting" as a Fine Art Photographer.  But I'm now getting ready for some Holiday Open Houses that will involve a combination of my art and the art of some very talented people as well for sale.

Art is not a "necessity,"  so we've experienced some lean times during this pandemic. We're hopeful that the holidays will prompt people to make some purchases.

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