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Mobile Home Insurance Program by Foremost - Limited areas


Mobile Home Insurance Program by Foremost - Limited areas

Foremost Insurance Group is recommended by AARP for its Mobile Home Insurance Program.  We own a manufactured home on a permanent foundation in La Grange, California.  Foremost refuses to insure our home because of brush fire risk, even though our home as been in this location with no nearby brush fires since the early 1980s, almost 40 years.

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Some insurers just won't write in California especially in those areas which they might consider "at risk" - it is the same in other areas of the country with perhaps different type "risk".  That is their perogative.


SACBEE 07/18/2019 - ‘Sticker shock’ for California wildfire areas: Insurance rates doubled, policies... 

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Insurers have complaints of their own. Homeowners’ coverage, an $8 billion-a-year business in California, has become an unmitigated disaster for carriers: For every $1 they collected in premiums from Californians last year, they paid $1.70 in claims, according to data collected by the Department of Insurance.


At the same time, insurers are facing rate hikes from their own carriers, known as re-insurers. But they’re unable to pass those higher costs onto homeowners. That puts further pressure on them to reduce the amount of coverage they sell in fire zones, industry officials say.

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True, it is their choice whether to assume the risk of a particular business proposal; however I don't feel extremely sorry for them because they have had many-many profitable years writing policies in this state also.

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That could be so - still their prerogative to write in any area - sometime the risk just is too high so they get out while the getting is good so to speak. 

Like Florida - and the hurricanes - pretty much all reinsurance there now with the state having to pick up some of the liability.  Nobody can force a private enterprise company to insure - so for the state to continue to have news homes built or resales to be insured, the state [taxpayers] have had to pick up the slack by doing some part of the insuring.


Course I guess people could self-insure - but most don’t have the money to do this -



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