Staying Active Despite Setbacks (like injuries or surgeries)

I have managed to stay fit and healthy despite challenges like having both hips replaced at age 60 and a heart valve replacement at age 64.

My blog chronicles my adventures in rehab and staying active.


The secret is a positive attitude and working around limitations.

Because of the hips I had to give up running so I got intoin walking, hiking, bicycling and paddling. Rehab from the heart valve was tougher than expected because I got fluid around the lungs (pleural effusion) as a side effect. But I gutted it out and an now fitter than ever and it feels great.


My latest adventure is breaking my collarbone in a freak bike past (see the blog post "rehabbing, again!" for details). No problem- walking and stationary cycling for 6 weeks, then some work to get mobility and strength back on the right side. Onward!

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