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How can you stay HEALTHY living off of SSDI


How can you stay HEALTHY living off of SSDI

It's impossible to stay healthy and to live receiving social security. What has happened with the United States, we the people and the taxpayers are the ones that kept America going for years. I forefathers wrote the United States Constitution to protect us and our freedoms. Why is the U. S. Government selling us out. Just look around you and what's happening with our country. The thousands of homeless citizens are not bad people. We have been forced on the streets and due to no fault of our own but the greed the business entities that the government is protecting. They don't follow the laws they get away with abusing and neglecting the seniors the elderly and are veterans and now they're attacking and discriminating against the disability families. We can't afford housing, food or transportation. We are the ones that have paid in with our taxes to keep this country running and they take our money and they're giving it away to other countries or to the immigrants that are here illegally that are priority and what are we where do we fit in. I hate hearing about minorities, black lives matter, mental illness, addiction, etc. We need to start being honest with ourselves and stand on up and say no more stereotyping. If you were born in United States we were born of privilege every one of us. There is only one race and that is the human race. If you go back and do your genealogy you will notice and you will find that everyone has some kind of African blood in us. I'm as white as white as you can be we did our background and I have 1% of Nigerian in me it's a shocker but it's the truth. In the Bible Moses married and Ethiopian woman. For years we have been lied to and about the slaves we are all slaves to the government. And it's worse now than ever because now we're slaves to global to robots to the Chinese Communist party and they're trying to kill us off little by little and they're doing a good job of it. We're being abused, neglected and we're being treated inhumane. So stop with the stereotyping there is no minority group the only minority group is the children that were born with a birth defect and is struggling with a Loss of a limb, hearing impaired speech deprived or paralyzed. Children that were diagnosed with cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy or some sort of deformity is a minority. So stop giving the U.S. citizens a title. Start protecting all of our children that God has created and save them from the Evil forces of the Government and Global Power that's taking over the world and destroying lives. We need to do what's right whether you're a Democrat or Republican and take back our country and stop allowing these evil forces to destroy us this is not about democrat or republican this is about good versus evil and I hope whoever is reading this is smarter than that to play and fall into the game in the lies that you're being told money is not going to get you anywhere but to hell if you're not taking care of the people and doing God's work then you can just forget of having eternal life because you will be down here on this Earth with the rest of the demons and there's going to be no way out cuz this is going to be your hell.  We could all join forces and do God's will or you all can burn up and watch the destruction that's going to take place on our soil. God gave us a choice choose life or death, I rather you choose a life it's up to you but I would turn from your wicked ways and repent of our sins cuz we're all sinners and let's do the right thing and take our country back. We don't need all this technology because there's nothing but a disturbance we need to start using our heads and read that's where you get your intelligence from all this robot and technology and computers it's a distraction and it's not healthy and it's destroying lives I rather see it go and do without and live like we used to live and use our imagination and make things happen go back in time when we had no money and we had to make do with thinking of things to come up with like making mud pie they're playing kickball or doing normal things and enjoying life in the outdoors but instead these kids are locked up on the computer there's no outdoor activity are air is polluted our water is toxin the fish are dying we can't breathe and this is what was planned to kill off the population to put our kids back in institutions because it's costing the government too much money to take care of them so let's stick them in the institution and take back the social security money that they get and we'll just abuse them and neglect them like they done in the past and you never seen or heard about disabled children growing up cuz you never seen them and it was a shock when you do come in contact with someone like that and cuz you don't know what to say or what to do cuz you never seen them they had them hidden and I look back now and I think oh my God **bleep** poor kids how they got abused my son is disabled they labeled him as being in an institution at 20 years old very highly intelligent knows what he's talking about just because he was born with a muscular dystrophy doesn't mean he can't think on his own but they're labeling him and I don't like it they're stealing from him and I don't like it they're abused him and I really don't like it and you're all sit there and nobody said so **bleep** word. But it's okay that he draws off of my benefits social security cuz I worked for it and it's coming out of my pocket not theirs but they still treat him with disrespect and his mother and I will not have it or tolerate it. This could be your grandchild this could be your child or your niece or nephew that they're doing it too cuz eventually that is one of the game plans is to steal our children away from us they have a motive and they're going to fulfill it. Wake up please wake up and the only way we're going to win is we the people fight the government and hit him hard in their pocketbooks and take our money back that the devil has stolen from us. I don't want to hear no negative response I'm just giving you some wisdom and knowledge of what's happening here you can do your own research and find out what's going on that's the problem in today's world nobody wants to research and nobody wants to read you just believe what you believe and in the meantime we're being taken over. This is reality this is the facts pay attention open your eyes and stop believing everything you hear Joe Biden I don't care if you agree or disagree this man is an evil force he's selling us out to the Chinese Communist party where they're going to start handling all your health care and they're going to know all your business they're going to run the show and you can forget about the HIPAA laws or the privacy Act because there's no such thing. 

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