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Have a favorite place to relax? Share a photo!

When I visit my sister-in-law in Sacramento, we always take a trip to Lake Tahoe. This photo was taken during our sunset drive at a stop called Inspiration Point. The scenery is instantly calming for me, and I always feel so lovely when I'm there. What about you? Do you have a favorite place to relax?

Lake Tahoe - Inspiration Point.jpg

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3A4010BA-5502-414B-99D3-C2B6E0BFDBCB.jpegJust look out my window! Inside is also quaint, fortunately for me during quarantine!

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My favorite place to relax is at the gym. Yep, nothing like taking time out for myself and burning off a days worth of stress.  I'm so relaxed and such a better person when I'm done.



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Give me a beach ... any beach. Instant relaxation for me. This is Sea Bright, New Jersey. I grew up nearby and it remains one of my very favorite places. This day, I was sitting with two of my oldest friends while our kids were off wandering. The clouds rolled in and the wind kicked up. We put on sweatshirts, covered up in towels and watched the kiteboarders. Can you hear the waves?


Sea Bright NJ.jpg

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One of my favorite places is Cape Cod. This is taken in East Orleans, MA on Cape Cod. Whenever I reach the top of the stairs the first time on a vacation, I automatically exhale and know it's time to relax, take it in and be grateful. Then, it's down to the beach on the National Seashore to play!

Cape Cod steps to beach.jpg

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