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Hi, I just read your message.  I, too, just lost my husband Dec 4th and just now seeking someone or a group to help through the pain of his loss.  Wish we were closer, I'm in Washington State and found that the hospital where he passed does provide some "groups" however, I have difficulty driving at night and can't join.  I'm going to keep looking, as I tried to deal with it on my own and with friends, but I find myself endlessly grieving.  I know what you mean about papers and such, it's difficult to tell each and every creditor, from telephone company to mortgage company, it feels as though removing his name is like making it as if he never existed, but he did, and for me close to 28 yrs.  Each phone call each one on one passing his death certificate to show proof only lead to endless tears.  They say they understand and you appreciate their kind words, but it doesn't seem to help.

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Widows Group?

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Hi everyone. My beloved Husband passed right before thanksgiving. I read all the posts and can echo everyone of them. It's hard, every day. Legal issues, business issues, grief issues. I'm in a bereavement group and friends are supportive. I'm tapping into my religion and spirituality as well. I sometimes hear about widows groups and that's what i wanted to ask about. I'm in south Florida and so far none pop up on the internet. Does anyone know of any? I know I'm still early into my grief but i'm the type that needs to keep busy and who else understands what we're going through better than someone going/gone through it. Thanks.


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