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Hello it's been a while since I've been back on line. I am about to take another step into letting my husband ashes go.Now it's hit the heart, but yet it's a step toward better things in life I have not allowed myself to be free since I lost my love. I'm not sure what's out there for me but if I make a mistake I will pick myself up. Life has taught me so much since his passing, all I could  think about there is know man that could compare to my James. I have realize that life. is a continuous part of living and that is what James would have wanted for me.As I've talked about my husband he was my white in shinny armor,he died with at home that is the day my heart died with him.It took me time to  realize GOD gave us time to share to forgive and to love.So now i'm taking a very deep breath and moving on with my life.Know more comparing men to my James.I have only been married once in my life loyal to my James.We both came from south where woman stay home and up keep didn't need any friends.He would always tell me  nothing was out there for me, my eyes see more than I have every seen.I now know I can make it. Thank you my shinny armor who I shall always love.I could not had made it this far if he had not taught me.He will always be missed in my heart. But it's time to take that step whatever it might be. 

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